About L3G’s

L3G’s & ASSOCIATES was founded and registered by sisters Yadira and Fatima Chi in Feb 2016. L3G’s have developed from a part time home based operation to a full time endeavor for Yadira and Fatima Chi. As the name entails Moms Name Leonie’s 3 girls (L3G’S). Rising up to their standards and Wildest dreams to establish a business of their own. Leonie (Mom) has approximately 10 years with a small grocery store business providing to the neighborhood. Today we take a step into success following her lead. Our firm located in Santa Elena Town will enhance proper management and develop the necessary strategies to the business world. Through our abundant experience and knowledge we target small businesses or well established business to support our professional team. We have a passion for accounting and we get our task done effectively with detailed training to members of each firm we join as business associates.

L3G’s & Associates also operating as AGENT TO RF&G Insurance. Providing a wide array of auto, home, liability & Boat Insurance to the community.

Our Services


Recording Financial Transactions

Business transactions such as sales, revenues, taxes paid, interest earned, salaries, investments and other operational expenses Should be recorded and posted to properly  to your BUSINESS accounting software TYPE.

Debits & Credits

Debits and credits are the accounting convention used to record business transactions in journal accounts.

Producing Invoices

To help you keep track of what your customers purchase from you, how much they owe you and when payment is due.

Maintaining & balancing subsidiaries, general ledgers, and historical Accounts.

A general ledger account is an account or record used to sort and store balance sheet and income statement transactions. Examples of general ledger accounts include the asset accounts such as Cash, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Investments, Land, and Equipment.

Completing payroll

This chapter focuses on completing a payroll register record which lists total earnings, deductions, and net pay for each employee.

Taxes Preparation (GST, Business Tax, Contract Tax)

L3Gs & Associates has maintained an excellent working relationship with Tax Departments in Belize and can ensure all your financial needs will be taken care of under the laws of Belize.


Our Mission

Our mission is to assist our clients to prosper by providing them with a wide array of professional Business knowledge to help them better manage their finances and overall business operations. We endeavor to provide superior client service and strive to build long-term client relationships.

About Our Partners

Ms. Fatima R Chi

Ms. Fatima Chi graduated from the University of Belize obtaining a Bachelor Degree in Accounting in 2008. Then went on the working field in which she gained experience in the overall accounting sectors. Observing the demand for proper financial background in the business world she later partnered with her sister to offer freelance accounting services starting in Feb 2016 in their home town.

Ms. Yadira Y Chi

Ms. Yadira Chi graduated from the University of Belize in 2006 obtaining an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration then heading straight into the business field ,became passionate about accounting and later trained at O.Codd and Associates for 3 years working as audit assistance. Later she went on doing overall business bookkeeping, accounting and audit for several firm on a full pay scale basis; deciding then to move on its own in Feb 2016 partnering with her sister. Both partners combined having over 22 years experience.

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